Americas – IT in Brazil

Americas – IT in Brazil

As i am also responsible to set general IT standards in all geographic regions, i had the one-time opportunity to travel to Brazil this year.

My goal was to get in touch with the on-site technical influencers. My tasks were to gather all relevant informations about the running IT environments and scale them up to the defined global standards.

The Project was very successfull, when we accomplished a common understanding about the desires of having global IT standards and bring them forward together!

It is always a pleasure to work with new people and in new places.


I really liked the culture of people and their kind manner. People like to have good food and drinks. They appreciate good conversations and are very interested in things we make in the EU or germany.

On the other hand it was also very difficult for me to imagine how hard it is, to live in Brazil at the moment, where they have many very heavy economical and political conflicts, unemployment and poorness, which you can see in many places.

For me the trip to Brazil was a very great experience.

Next action: Flight to US, Miami…