My name is Tobias Richter (33) and i am a german IT architect and promoter of technological change.
My driver is translating visions into reality.

Something personal

“You are essentially who you create yourself to be and all that occurs in your life is the result of your own making.”


Technological transformation is my driver to stay successful in business.

Always on track

My life is a soundtrack, always working on the Top 10.


Sports and keeping the physical balance. That is my passion.


Global and cross-functional thinking. One of my best efforts.


More important than myself, the people who are around and supporting me. #Team.

Come around

Traveling gives me the opportunity to perseive new point of views.


Be up to date, notice trends and work with pending changes.

Cultural living

Movies, Theatre, Stage, Culture, Concerts, Exhibitions and all others, where i get influences from.


Indispensable - Communication and collaboration with friends, mates, colleagues and competitors.


Countries visited


Working years in IT


Coffees per Week


Satisfaction (in %)

About Me

All progress in my life is defined by continuous intensity. Weather it is in quality of recording and listening to music, going for sports, or doing business in information technology. Being with family and friends and live my Life self-confident.

Quality means – meeting the desired needs in a way that exceeds the occurred expectations.

This applies to my philosophy of Life.